A tombstone can be seen in Dunlop Kirkyard dated 1732 and the inscription reads:

"This is the burial place of John Dunlop of Overhill and Barbara Gilmour, his spouse and his children. Barnara was the originator of that brand of cheese known all over the world as Dunlop Cheese".

Dunlop Cows      

Clerkland was one of the many good dairy farms in this area stocked with Ayrshire cows. Around late 1960s milk production had to be stopped as the water supply from the nearby burn was not good enough for modern standards.

It was a tenanted farm and sadly from then on it fell into disrepair. Eventually the landlord decided to sell it and this was when it was split up. From 1983 since our family bought the farm, a lot of work has gone into repairing not only the house but the original steading and of course mains water was put in.

cheese maker

goats cheese

Although the old steading was not so suitable for livestock, now new life has been put back into it. The cows are still milked in the existing old byre and the adjoining dairy buildings have been hygienically clad and now house the cheese production area.

The old stone shed with its 2 feet thick stone walls has made a great cheese maturing room and finally the barn with the inscribed lintel dated 1766 is now the lovely cheese shop and tearoom.

     handmade cheese

A few more modern sheds have been built to house the goats and cows, enabling them to have comfortable environments in the winter. Many of the Ayrshire cows we have today have been bred from generations going back over 50 years from David’s father’s stock. We have tried to keep them of more traditional breeding. This hardier type of cows suits the farm and the extensive system in which they are kept.

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