Hard cheese is source of calcium with a matchbox-sized piece providing a third of an adult's daily requirement for calcium.

If you would like to buy our cheese you can always come in and visit us, or check out or list of locations which might be nearer you!

artisan scottish cheeses     

Our cheese shop is one of the best places in Ayrshire to find real artisan cheeses ranging from extra mature Dunlop with quite a kick in it to the soft fresh goats cheese.

You can expect to find these cheeses in the top Michelin Star restaurants. This is a great chance to buy these cheeses direct from the farm at farm gate prices.

Hard cheeses

Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop

Traditional Ayrshire Dunlop - This is the native cheese to this area hence the name Dunlop. It is like a cheddar but moister – made with Ayrshire cows milk. Depending how long it is matured, it comes in mild, mature and smoked.



Bonnet -  A hard cheese matured for several months, made with goats’ milk.



Soft Cheeses

Clerkland Crowdie

Paddy’s Milestone and Ailsa Craig


Aiket -  Camembert style soft cheese covered with a bloomy white rind. Made with cows milk 

Glazert – Bloomy white mould ripened soft cheese made from goats’ milk

Clerkland Crowdie – A soft fresh cheese. Fresh as in not ripened so it is ready to eat as soon as it is made. This one is made from cows milk. We also do this cheese from goats milk but it doesn’t have a name so we sell it as goat curd.

The two newest cheeses are Paddy’s Milestone and Ailsa Craig.

These are made from cows milk and goats milk respectively. They are named after the famous rock in the Firth of Clyde because they resemble the shape of Ailsa Craig.

We have developed these ourselves and they are very unique and different from the traditional ones.

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